Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Need to revisit ealry warning systems....

Early warning systems need to be handle multiple disasters. The recent heavy rains and winds that claimed many lives have highlighted the importance of revisiting the early warning system of the country. It is need to continuously keep an eye of the effectiveness of the early warning systems. The strengthening of the community capacity for early warning is of paramount importance.

Visit to read an interesting article on early warning systems: "The boy who cried wolf! " co-authored by the author of this blog.

Safer Cities 18: The Boy Who Cried, “Wolf!” or Why a Community-based Alert System is a good idea, June 2007

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dicyandiamide (DCD) found in Milk Powder of Sri Lanka?

What is Dicyandiamide (DCD)?
DCD is a chemical that is sprayed to the grazed pastures to prevent nitrogen loss from cow urine.  DCD acts by inhibiting nitrification which in turn reduce loss of nitrates to water and as green house gas emissions.

When was DCD developped?

DCD was developped 30 years ago.

What are the industries that use DCD?

Dairy industry, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food packaging etc.

Does DCD reduce greenhouse gas emission?
 It has been recognized as an effective method of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It has been incorporated as a mitigation technology by countries like New Zealand.