Sunday, April 18, 2010

Volcanic Ash Cloud -Will it be a global disaster?

Icelandic volcanic ash cloud has not shown any signs of regression, geologists from Iceland state. Many air travels have been cancelled as a result of the volcanic ash cloud, including those of Barak Obama. Airline industry is experiencing a loss of 200 million USD per day collectively as a result of this incident. Many airports in Europe have been closed and airports have turned into "refugee camps".

"La grande pagaille" – the big mess, as a Parisian new-paper referred to the incident, is a strong reminder that we are living in a constricted global village. What ever happens in any part of the world can have effects on the rest of the world. Air travels have been cancelled even in Sri Lanka, thousands of kilometers away from the incident.

This incident will test the emergency preparedness and response capacity and plans of developed countries. Some questions are rising out of this incident. Did we miss to include such an incident into the contingency plans of air ports and air lines? We got to wait to find answers to these.

Nature is so creative at times, it can some how find loop holes through which power is implied on mankind, no matter how developed they are....

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