Friday, January 16, 2009

Crashed US Airway Plane lands in a River: All lives safe!

US Airway Plane 1549 which was heading to Charlotte, North Carolina, crashed in New York Thursday (15/01/2009), how ever all of the lives of the 148 passengers and 5 crew members have been saved. The plane departed from the La Guardia Airport at 3.26 p.m. and had a sudden landing after five minutes in the Hudson River. The plane was submerged for some time in the river, and was shifting southwards, from which the passengers were rescued by ferries and life guards. Divers from US Police also helped the rescue efforts.

The possible cause for this accident has been striking with a flock of birds which has caused a power loss from both engines. This incident, which was a near escape of another great tragedy, has been a miracle, only due to the correct and rapid decision making ability of the pilot, Chesley Sullenberger III, who wanted to avoid a densly populated area in landing, as well as the nearness of the rescue boats, coupled with the successful search and rescue workers.

Visit International Herald Tribune for the full story.

Picture Credit :Reuters

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