Monday, January 12, 2009

Unsafe Railway Crossing - Time to Rethink....

Within last few weaks, Safer Sri Lanka received reports of two accidents from occuring at railway crossing in Negombo: one of them killing five from the same family and the other a near miss for two.

Sri Lanka has a sad history of accidents occuring at unsafe Rail Way crossings, some times exploding into mass fatality incidents. Well-desciplined pedestrians and motorists have a big role in preventing such tragic incidents. However, creating of safe Railway crossing is equally important, as people often do not respect railway crossing much.

Thus it is important to use as many methods as possible to prevent rail Way Crossing Accidents such as warning signs, rail gates, alarming bells, and alarming lights. It is equally important that rail drivers also take additional care when driving through railway crossings.

The good news about Railway Crossing accidents is that they can be prevnted but the bad news is that we often forget that!

Photocredit: Wikipedia

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